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Billing and Other Firm Policies
These Policy Provisions Applies to all Current and Future Clients and any Work in progress
Effective Date: May 10, 2021

Site Use and Disclosures

In doing business with BC Business Services, Inc. and using this site, you as a client or a potential client are bound by our policies which are included on this website. We make it known to all clients about the policies that we post here, and ask that you refer to them periodically for updates and otherwise as all changes we make take affect immediately and apply to all clients, without exceptions.

Though we are an accounting firm, and a firm that completes other various legal aspects of business, we are not a law firm. You should always make sure that that information applies to you before you rely on it.

We try to be as up-dated on this information as we can, but to the ever-changing laws that surround much of the work that we do, you agree to not hold us liable for any errors or omissions that we may make on this site. If you point them out to us, we will look into it, and if necessary change it or give you information to the contrary as to why that information, will remain on the site.

You are also encouraged to make sure that you get the right information as every situation is different in many cases and some information may differ from each business or individual to another. In this regard, make sure that if you are relying on such information, it does actually apply to your particular situation first as you agree to not hold us liable if it does not.

Of course this may not apply when we speak to you personally or give you information that will apply to you, but make sure you know that it does pertain to you first to avoid problems later. Again, we try to keep this site as updated as possible but the laws can change very quickly and the information could be out-of-date due to those changes.

Generally speaking this is our site-use and disclosures policy and we will update it accordingly as situations require.

Privacy Policy
BC Business Services, Inc. does not trade nor sell client information and uses the information it may collect on its clients for the purpose of doing work for them or for the collection of debts that may be owed to the company, as well as for marketing purposes that may pertain to a client. BC Business Services, Inc. may release required and necessary information for the sole purpose of doing the work and for collecting on debts a client owes to us. To this extent, only information necessary for release will be used. This may not apply to subpoena's and otherwise where we are legally obligated to the release of information on a Client or their business.

If there is any question as to whether or not a release could otherwise violate a client's privacy, we will always speak with our clients first to ensure that they have given the permission for releasing it to other parties not otherwise stated herein. Such parties may be banks, insurance companies and otherwise. And unless for the necessary practice of following the law, no other such matters or information will be released to any party, private, or otherwise without seeking a clients permission.

In using information and documents you provide us, you agree that we will have the right to speak on your accounts, where necessary, to request any and all information that is necessary to complete a job or for review of a matter.

Once Again, if we have questions, and it does not pertain to our internal marketing or collecting on bills, we will always ask you first and make this our normal policy so that you are always aware of what is going on with your accounts and otherwise. We care about your privacy and we do our best to ensure it.

Power of Attorney and Other Disclosure Based Documents
At times we may need these types of documents from you to get information from taxing and other agencies. In this case we will not make deals with any agency, but you agree that we can use them to discuss possible options on matters relating to penalties and otherwise. We may also use them to request and receive information from the agencies or other entities. But only for the sole necessary purpose that work requires. 

Client Checks and Third Party Check Payments for Services
We will not sign, nor endorse checks, from your personal or business accounts, without permissions that allows us to do so and then only for the extent that it pertains to your business. In making deposits for some clients we will not endorse for deposit only and the account that it is going into. Any payment that is for our services will only be endorsed by us if we have a specific document on file allowing us to make the checks out to our company. This may be the case where it relates to creating checks for payroll related work where the client has given us authorization to pay such fees.

In doing so, we will never endorse nor receive checks in your name. Should checks come for you, you will be informed and have to make arrangements to either pick them up, have them mailed to you. Or in the case of deposits, have them deposited into an account of your own choosing in accordance with the above standards. Even so, we will never sign a name to the back of any check and make them out to deposit only with proper account information included.

We do not accept checks from third parties that have been endorsed over to us. Such payments must come directly from you or your company in payment of our services or if we are making a check out for this service, it must be signed by you or a legal representative of yours that has such authority to do so. In some cases where we have a signature stamp on file, we will use such stamp for this reason; but only with client approval. Even then, you will always have the opportunity to review the service whenever this is done and also get a complete accounting of those services that pertains to a payment.

Credit Cards on File
If we use a credit or debit card on file that you have given us, you must sign a statement that allows us to use that card for payment of our services. Even so, you will always have the opportunity to review the service and associated fees, whenever this is done.

If you state that we cannot endorse the checks any longer or use the credit or debit card for services payment, all such matters will cease. You will need to let us know in writing, if you want to redo the process if you wish to continue.

Records Retention
Unless stated otherwise, or if circumstances require, we will maintain records for a client that we have done work for, for not more than 3-years from the date of that work, or the date of filing, when we do the work for you in the accounting or other areas. We suggest you maintain copies of your documents for later use as we generally discard documents after such time.

How the Firm (hereinafter BC Business Services, Inc.) Determines the Fees it Charges?
In most cases, the Firm determines its fees primarily on the basis of the time expended multiplied by the standard billing rate of the professional involved. Occasionally, the Firm will apply a premium billing rate where there is weekend or holiday work or under other extraordinary circumstances which warrant such charges. The Firm will always inform the client whenever this occurs.

Current Rates for the Firms Professionals are $50.00 per hour for most of our accounting services unless otherwise indicated herein. Weekend work that is required on behalf of a client, if the client requests it is billed at hourly rates x 2. After hours (5pm to 9am) required to put a rush on a job, requested by the client, or not due to the Firms neglect, will be billed at our hourly rate x 2. Travel may be different and you are advised to see that section.

Tax Preparation Services are will be based on a standard flat-fee rate that a client may have been quoted.

Any work completed at a client’s location will be will be billed at the hourly rate x 3 with a 3 hour minimum time billed including travel to and form a clients location. Out of area travel and work may be different and you are advised to see that section.

In an appropriate situation, the Firm may agree to a flat fee (in most tax preparation cases), or percentage basis (where this is permitted), or incentive billing arrangements with a client. Except for the Flat Rates levied for example, with Tax Preparation and Payroll Contracts, or on our monthly accounting contracts, these flat-fee arrangements are not the Firm's normal billing practices and should be considered an exception, rather than the rule.

The Firm always requires a detailed written retainer agreement whenever these types of billing arrangements are in effect as the Firm does with the case of Monthly Accounting and Payroll based service agreements.

In some cases, where the Firm has spent considerable time and effort developing a special expertise and maintaining that expertise, the time involved does not always reflect the value of the services rendered which may be the case in Income Tax Preparation.  In such situations, the Firm bills on a project basis which is primarily a minimum flat fee for the work involved.  An example of this might in drafting opinions, tax preparation, business or succession planning, and otherwise.

The Firm also charges for all separately identifiable costs associated with the services rendered. These costs include: long distance telephone, courier service, postage, outgoing or incoming faxes, filing fees, travel costs, translation fees, photocopying, notary, the charges of local professionals, etc. Where the anticipated amount of a disbursement for a client is sizable the Firm may ask the client to pay it in advance or arrange for its payment directly with the provider of the goods or services being rendered.

Retainer Agreements
Regardless our our billing arrangement between the Firm and the client, or unless otherwise informed by the Firm, sometimes a client must have in place a Retainer Agreement. This Retainer Agreement may be applicable to some jobs including payroll and monthly accounting contracts. Among other things, the retainer agreement defines the scope of the assignment and makes reference to the policies set forth in this section. 

Even in those situations where the Rules do not require a written retainer agreement, the Firm frequently prefers a written agreement to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings.  All separately identifiable costs unless outlined by the Agreement will be the sole responsibility of the Client and payable on receipt of that stated invoice or billing. Where the client has a long standing relationship with the Firm, to the extent the Rules may permit, the Firm may determine that such an agreement is not necessary. 

Even if the Rules might not require a written retainer agreement, the Firm will always provide one when the client requests for any on-going and continuing monthly or other work.

The Firm may also require a retainer agreement to be in place in instances where the firm has had issues with collecting on it's billing from clients.

The Firm's Billing Records
The Firm uses various billing programs and may use programs such as TimeSlips, QuickBooks, and others to track and keep events of Time and Billing in all its offices. The Firm's time keepers are required to keep careful track of their time using the firms programs and to submit their time records in a logical and outlined format on a regular basis to the Firm's billing department.

The invoicing and programs keep track of the date on which the service was rendered, the provider of the service, a description of the service performed, the time it took to perform the service, and the customary rate of the service provider. Similarly, disbursements are entered into our programs but may show up on a separate invoice to the Client. Disbursement invoices are due immediately on receipt as they represent out-of-pocket costs to the firm. In such cases, the Firm may require an advanced payment from the client to pay for such services.

The Firm's billing records are incorporated into the statements it sends it clients; however, whenever there is a question, the Firm is always happy to work with a client to satisfy any issue involved.

Form and Frequency of the Firm's Statements
Normally the Firm submits statements on a monthly basis, and may do so for odd jobs, on a daily basis. Unless the Firm and the client agree to some other billing frequency. All client billings unless otherwise shown on an invoice or there is a written arrangement showing otherwise, approved by both the Firm and the Client, are due payable on receipt. Bills may include payment receipt fees for paying by Credit Cards which takes into account fees billed to the Firm for collecting a clients bill. The Firm may offer alternatives to these fees including cash or other payments.

Once the client has been with the Firm for a time, the clients billing practices may change at such time. This will depend largely on frequency and time it takes to pay invoices or statements and may also be based on the credit worthiness of the client in question. It may also be based on what is being done and if the Client has a services agreement in place to cover ongoing services. Many factors may play into how often we will bill a client and a client is advised to inquire if they are looking at changing the frequency of when bills are due.

The format of the statement or invoice is divided into several parts: time charges, disbursements, payments and credits, an aging of any open balances, and, if the client has a retainer account, the status of that account. A negative amount shown on any Statement will indicate a credit to the Clients Account. In most cases, the client will receive a credit memo to that effect showing such information as necessary and what it was for.

The time charges section normally indicates the date on which the service was rendered, the provider of the service, a description of the service performed, the time it took to perform the service, and the customary rate of the service provider. The Firm has considerable flexibility in the way it presents this information, and, if a client has a special need, it can generally be accommodated.

The disbursements section similarly lists the date of the transaction, a brief description of it, and the amount. Again, all disbursements charged back to the Client, will show up on a Separate Invoice and will be due payable on receipt unless there is an agreement stating otherwise. The terms on such invoices or statements will indicate when it must be paid by. There are separate totals for time charges and for disbursements.

Where there are multiple matters, each matter and its charges are separately identified. Normally, in most circumstances, statements are mailed in the early days of the month for the work done and disbursements incurred the prior month.

The firm may require that all service and disbursement invoices be paid upon completion of any job when they are given to the client. Again, this will depend on many factors and not all situations will be the same for all the Firm’s Clients.

Payment of the Firm's Statements
Unless otherwise indicated on a particular Statement, the Firm's statements are payable on receipt. If there are any questions or issues, the client is free to raise them and withhold payment of a reasonable amount of the statement pending resolution.

As the Firm bases its rates on the assumption its clients pay their statements promptly on receipt and it does not want to penalize the greater bulk of its clients who follow this practice, if any part of a statement is outstanding for more than 30 days without good reason, the Firm adds a re-billing charge equal to 50.00 of the overdue amount to the next bill. Any such charge is clearly identified as such on the statement.

This charge is not to be considered a Late fee or interest charge; but merely a re-billing charge to cover necessary time and expenses to resubmit the bill. Any time an amount becomes more than 30 days past due, the Firm has the right to suspend all work on a clients account and seek necessary collections. The Firm may contact the contact with such information.

This notice will contain the cut off date for any work continuing or otherwise until 100% of the outstanding balance is paid in full.  The client may make arrangements to satisfy the debt as outlined but at no time will this billing policy not be in effect during such time. If a client makes arrangements and does not follow such arrangements, all work, continuing or otherwise, will be suspended by the Firm until full payment is made. Re-billing charges will continue until the billing is paid in full.

Additionally if it so happens that the Clients payment history is in question, the Firm may require an advanced deposit equal to the estimated charge of the work to be performed. This may continue until the Firm determines that the Client has come back into acceptable credit standing with the firm.

Sometimes, particularly with new clients or clients with a difficult payment history, the Firm will require an advance retainer that it will bill against. In this case, the Firm will deduct the amount of the statement from the then current balance of the retainer, if any. The Firm then expects the client, within a reasonable time of its receipt of each monthly statement, to restore the retainer account to its agreed balance and may be charged payment receipt fees, as noted prior when doing so.

Should the relationship with the client terminate for any reason, any used balance of the retainer account will be promptly refunded less any time or expenses that currently need to be billed against such retainer Until such time, any such balance may be used without restriction against a clients work.

The client however will be informed before any work is completed on their behalf or extraordinary expenses accrue. Extraordinary expenses due may not include normal expenses as outlined by this Billing Policy in the form of Copies, Filing Fees and otherwise. 

Convenience Fee Charges for Additional Time to Pay a Firm’s Billing
Anytime a billing is due, whether it is shown on a Statement or Invoice, if the client wishes to have more time to pay the billing, or requests such matter, such as an additional week or longer, or for example, when a tax return is received, there will be a convenience fee added to the Billing to cover time and re-billing fees, in the amount of $50.00 per month until the billing has been paid in full. 

Late Charges for Not Paying On Time
Any time a balance remains due on any statement or invoice that is payable on receipt or by a certain date, once that time has expired there will be a re-billing fee levied on the balance remaining in the amount of $50.00 which is not to be considered interest by the Client. This fee is levied for the time it takes to deal with the matter.

For all matters payable on Receipt, the Client will have 5 (Five) calendar days, to ensure that the payment reaches the Firm’s Offices.

This fee will be levied every 30 (thirty) days until the entire balance has been paid in full. 

Any time a client’s account falls past due, the Firm may, at its sole discretion cease all work for the client at any time until the account is brought back into good standing. 

Application of Payments To Past Due Amounts
Payments may be first applied to any re-billing fees before they are applied to the balance due on the account.

Accounts Turned Over For Collections or Enforcement
Accounts past due for more than 90 (ninety) days may be turned over to enforce further collections or to the Firm’s attorney with the charges to collect on the account being the responsibility of the client.

Utilization of Credit Bureau Reporting
The Client understands that any past due issues may be reported to regional and national credit bureaus at the Firm’s sole discretion.

Billing Currencies
The usual currencies in which the Firm bills are United States Dollars for its US offices. Occasionally, the Firm may bill in British pounds, Japanese Yen, Canadian Dollars, or otherwise, to mention some of the other currencies in which it may work.

Within the United States, if you have been told in writing that Payments can normally be in any currency so long as the translated amount, on the date of receipt, substantially reflects the amount of the billing currency which is currently United States Dollars, then clients may pay in those currencies; however, this will only apply if a client has been told they may pay the billing charges in those currencies. Otherwise, the only acceptable currency for the Firm for clients is in United States Dollars.

In a case where billings are made with other currencies as outlined, if there is a significant unfavorable variance, the foreign currency risk is for the client's account. 

Payments may be made by check, subject to collection, or by bank transfer. The Firm is happy to provide clients with wire transfer instructions, if they prefer this means of payment but the firm is not obligated to do so. 

The fees associated with any transfer will remain the Clients responsibility. All returned checks will be levied a fee of $50.00, above the check amount. The Firm may suspend any and all services for a clients account immediately without notice if a payment is returned for lack of funds. If a check is returned the Firm may take any and all appropriate action that it sees fit to recover the fees for the payment. This may include attorney fees billed back to the client and other costs to collect.

Any returned check may, but does not have to be, re-deposited by the Firm. In most cases this will be brought to the attention of the client who will then be immediately required to make good on the payment that was not cleared including the fee outlined above.

In so doing the only form of payment to cover such check or payment will be United States currency, or certified bank Cashier’s Check.

Should a payment be returned for lack of funds the Firm may initiate further stringent billing services for the client as it sees fit. This may include no checks for a period of one (1) year, or until the firm determines. Equally in such cases, depending on the situation and at the Firm’s discretion, the Firm may require a Retainer Agreement equal to $500.00 in United States Currency. The terms outlined by the Retainer section shall be enforced in that case. 

Value Added and Sales Taxes
At present, there are no sales taxes applicable to bills rendered by the Firm's offices. If a sales tax becomes necessary it will be equal to the amount determined by the proper taxing authority at such time. 

Resolution of Fee Disputes
Many disputes relating to the Firm's fees may be handled pursuant to Arbitration. If there is any dispute regarding any statement or its payment, the Firm expects the client to work in good faith with the Firm towards its prompt and equitable resolution. So long as this is being done, the Firm will not interrupt any services it is then providing. 

Should the Firm and the client fail to resolve things in this manner, to the extent not covered by any applicable laws which govern this agreement subject to the Laws of the State of Idaho, the dispute shall be resolved by arbitration in the English language before a single arbitrator in the State of Idaho, County of Ada, City of Boise, Idaho, according to the then prevailing Commercial Rules of Arbitration of the
American Arbitration Association

The Firm reserves the right to suspend or withhold further services, should any fee dispute require arbitration or as properly outlined within this Policy. 

Firm Personnel Billing Rates
The present hourly billing rates for the Firm's personnel are currently set at $50.00 per hour for normal work. The billing rates for the Firm's personnel are available on request and are subject to change at any time.

Billing is determined as Follows: 

Billing Time Parameter
Unless herein indicated within this Billing Policy, all billing will be in Quarter Hour Increments to the nearest Quarter Hour. All work stated at these rates does not include work completed outside of Firms Offices unless thereby stated. If any work is completed off the Firms site, please refer to the section, Work completed at a client’s offices or place of their own choosing or otherwise:

Year End Tax Preparation
Billed at a Flat Rate, includes forms 1040, 1120, 1120S, 1065 and all attachments thereto. 

Accounting And Bookkeeping
Billed at $50.00 per hour for normal working hours within the Firms office location.  

Work completed at a clients offices or place of their own choosing or otherwise
$75.00 per hour. Includes Travel Time. 3 hour minimum billing for all work completed on clients behalf not at the Firms Location in Boise Idaho. Any work is involved except training. Training will maintain the same terms as this section. Unless otherwise noted by our billing rates below and or otherwise, this section is related to all work not completed within the confines of the Firms offices in Boise Idaho.  This may include IRS work, meetings, or other matters completed on behalf of a client. 

Delivering Documents for Clients
Billed at $75.00 per hour including travel within the Greater Boise District with a 1 hour minimum charge. This includes all locations outside the Firm’s Offices located in Boise Idaho. Travel Time will include delivery, waiting time, and other time matters that is for the convenience of the Client. 

General Accounting and Bookkeeping
Billed at the rate of $50.00 per hour. This includes input of checks and receipts, invoices and otherwise. It does not include financial statement preparation. It includes all work based on data entry. It includes reconciling of bank and credit card accounts and otherwise general accounting or bookkeeping work. 

Un-audited Financial Statement Preparation
Unless otherwise indicated and as part of the General Accounting and Bookkeeping, all Financial Statement preparation will be billed at the rate of $150.00 per hour with a 1 hour minimum. This will include balance sheets, profit and loss, income statements, and otherwise.

Many times under general accounting practices inputting information into accounting programs to keep track of monthly statement work does not properly account for what is needed in most cases for Financial Statements. In many cases, it requires adjusting accounts and otherwise in order to properly prepare such statements. In many cases the client or other sources need to be contacted for information and all work completed in relation to such matters on behalf of a client will be billed accordingly, not limited to telephone calls, assimilation of information, necessary incidental expenses including folders, copy charges, travel time, and otherwise.

QuickBooks and Other Accounting Program Set-up
Set up accounting system for use. This may includes chart of accounts and other work to prepare the program or system for use. Billed at the rate of $75.00 per hour with 1 hour minimum.

Training on QuickBooks and Other programs
For all training completed at Firms Offices, there will be a charge of $150.00 per hour per person that requires such training. Any work completed at any location other than the Firm’s Offices, in Boise Idaho, is subject the section Work completed at a clients offices or place of their own choosing or otherwise: In the case of multiple personnel or otherwise beyond 2, any and all training at the Firms offices or otherwise, will be billed on a flat-rate based amount including Travel Time.

Letters and Correspondence
Billed at the rate of $50.00 per hour. 1 Hour minimum.

Incidental Expenses 
Unless otherwise informed on a clients invoice, all incidental expenses will be billed to the Client.

Current charges are Letter sized Manila File Folders $0.25 ea., Copies $0.15 ea., Green Hanging File Folders $0.50 ea., CD Roms $2.00 ea., Business No. 10 Envelopes $0.25 ea. All other incidental costs billed at cost plus 25% mark-up to cover our time. 

Be advised that the Firm will not bill for all expenses except when under normal circumstances there would be a lot of them. In example, 5 copies are not considered a lot. 1 file folder or a couple may not be a lot of them.

If we are however required to maintain a clients files for their business we will bill for those files and otherwise expenses necessary to properly maintain them for their company. This may include storage costs for example and the Firms time to properly maintain storage of those records.

In Example. Time to take out and return to storage.  A client will be informed before extraordinary expenses are levied beyond those outlined herein. Notwithstanding  Telephone Calls to the Client, from the client or on behalf of the Client as outlined below: Faxes will be billed at the rate of $1.50 per fax page to cover time to prepare fax for transmittal. Postage will be billed at the current rate and all envelopes will be billed at the rate of $0.25 ea., per normal envelope and larger ones billed at the rate of $1.00 per envelope or cost of them plus 25% Mark-up.

If the envelope would be considered by us to be part of the flat rate billing such as with tax return preparation at the end of the year, then that expense will be considered part of the job.

At no time will the Firm be responsible for any postage, filing fees, business taxes, or otherwise of a clients. The firm may require advanced payment for these fees if they expect them to be a problem with latter collection or otherwise.

The firm tries to work with all clients; however, the firm is not always able to pay for expenses on behalf of a client to file documents, pay taxes or otherwise. In doing so we are providing a service above and beyond what most firms would do and we expect to be reimbursed for these incidentals immediately on receipt of notice for their occurrence. We may refuse to pay these expenses at our leisure and are not bound or obligated to do so unless they relate to our firms business or unless they are part of the agreement or contract that we have thereby entered.

Telephone Calls to the Client, from the client or on behalf of the Client 

If a client calls up our offices asking about whether we have done something for them then we will not bill for that call if no other business is transacted during that time.

If a client requests information and otherwise relating to their account then we will bill for that call and the time it takes for us to gather said information. If we must fax that information or copy that information then we will bill for the time it takes us to fax the document or prepare it for faxing and otherwise as well as the call that generated in the matter for which the Fax will or does relate.

If we call a client because they have stated to us that they will have something for us by a certain date, then we will bill the client for the call at our hourly rates as the matter relates to the clients work and not the firms.

If a person calls us about a client or we are required to make calls on behalf of the client then we will bill for that as well. If the calls are incidental in the course of work for the client and the billing for that work has been charged at a flat rate we will not bill above that rate except if the calls become to the point that they are excessive which we will inform the client of.

All calls will be documented for a client including date and time of call. In the case of flat rate jobs, once calls exceed 1 hour, the client will be billed those calls as incidental work performed above and beyond what the flat rate calls for.

Translation of Firm Work Product

 Unless otherwise informed in writing, any translation charges will be the responsibility of the client. This will include translation of documents or interpreters. The firm will bill its time during such course as appropriate based on the job performed and outlined by this policy at its normal billing rates where indicated unless completed away from the Firm’s Offices in Boise Idaho. 

Meetings and Otherwise

All meetings on behalf of a Client will be charged at the Rate of $50.00 per hour at the Firms Offices. Outside of Said Offices, the Client will be billed as outlined by this Policy. Meetings that are for the sole purpose of picking up documents and for the Firm going over said Documents will not be billed if no other business is transacted during that time. Any other time spent with the client will be billed under this category.

1099 Preparation

Flat Rate of $25.00 plus $4.50 per 1099 Completed 1096 Transmittal included. The Firm may bill this area by lat rate but it will depend on volume for 25 or more. The billing outlined here, does not include time to assimilate data for the Forms. This will be billed in conjunction with those applicable sections of this Billing Policy. All incidentals extra including envelopes, copies and postage.

All monthly contracts not including Payroll Contracts

All clients must enter into a 1-Year Agreement in order to receive Discounted Accounting Prices that will be flat rate based services.

Terms are as follows:

There will be a minimum charge equal to $200.00 per month for this area. This fee will be levied regardless the firm has completed any work for a client during the billed month. If the client does not wish to use the Firm to complete its Accounting, the Client will be levied an early cancellation fee equal to the Monthly Minimum rate outlined herein for the months remaining on the contract.

No client, unless otherwise informed in writing, will be a monthly client without such agreement being first entered into. If you have not been informed that this will not apply to you or if you have not yet been informed that this does apply, this section will not apply to the Client; however, in order to continue working with a Client, the Firm may require that Client to enter into this Section of this Agreement, or other similar ones at a later date. 

Assembling and Otherwise

In most cases it takes time to assemble projects to ready them. Unless otherwise indicated and or unless a flat rate has been entered into, the Client will be billed at the rate of $50.00 per hour. 

Filing on Behalf of a Client

If we must file documents on behalf a client then we will bill $50.00 per hour to do so. This does not include filing of our Firm’s file copies or those documents that relate to our Firm. Also, it will not include most clients that the Firm has unless a specific arrangement has been entered into to do so for the Client. 

Copy and Assembly of Requested Documents - Unless Otherwise Informed

Billed at $50.00 per hour for documents requested by clients via in person interview, worldwide web and otherwise. All incidentals extra.

Drafts and Correspondence on Behalf of a Client

All drafts and Correspondence in any form, email, paper, or otherwise, fax, etc. billed at $50.00 per hour. All incidentals extra.

Form Preparation, and otherwise Document Preparation Services

Billed at $50.00 per hour unless otherwise indicated herein. All incidentals extra.

Payroll Matters
Payroll will be billed according to your contracted quote so please refer to that.  See our Payroll Section for more information on this area.

W2 and 1099 Preparations Includes Transmittal Forms
Flat Rate of $50.00 plus $3.50 per W2 or 1099 Completed. May bill flat rate but depends on volume.

Does not include time to assimilate data for the Forms. This will be billed in conjunction with those applicable sections of this Billing Policy.

All incidentals extra. Includes transmittal envelopes, copies, postage, and otherwise. Postage is always the client's responsibility.

See our Payroll Section for more information on this area.

Payroll - Unless Otherwise Specified
Unless otherwise specified under this Payroll Section, all other rates will be based on those rates contained within this Policy under sections outlined herewith or in the body of this entire Billing Policy and may be based on Accounting related and other type of work. Incidentals not included unless otherwise specified. Postage is always the client's responsibility.
  See our Payroll Section for more information on this area.

Out of The Area Work
For all work completed not at the firm's location or within the City of Boise, Idaho and its surrounding areas within 35 miles of the firm's location, not including other cities in other states (which would be considered out of the area work), there will be a flat-rate billing for the work provided as follows:

1. Minimum Billing Time Charge of 2 Days includes travel time to and from the Firms Office to the Clients location and back. Rate of $800.00 per day. This fee must be paid in full before the firm's personnel leaves for the Client's out of the Area Location so that Hotel and other Arrangements can be made. Includes incidentals (Hotels Meals).

2. Prior arrangements must be made for personnel work exceeding 7 (Seven) days at one time in any one location due to necessary office matters at the firm's location.

3. If the Client wants the firm's personnel to remain in the area beyond the original 7 days as noted above under Item number 1, the Client must arrange with the firm an additional date for them to be at their location. Again, at no time will the firm's personnel be allowed to remain in one area away from the firm's location for longer than the 7 (seven) days as noted above under Item number 2. They must take the flight as scheduled as outlined in full under Item 5 below. The same policies will apply as they do for any out of area work for each additional trip.

4. If a Client wishes to use the firm's personnel for any out of the area work, the Client must ensure a Round Trip Ticket to their location and back to the firm's city of business in Boise, Idaho. This flight must be confirmed before the firm's personnel leaves as well as all necessary funds being paid as well for the firm's personnel to work for the client as noted above under Item number 1. It is the Client's responsibilities to ensure that all fees are paid, taxes and otherwise for the flight.

5. Work for the 7 days time noted under the above sections, will begin on the second day after the firm's personnel arrives and continue for a maximum time of 7 days. The flight noted above under item number 4, must be for the 9th day after the personnel arrives. There will be no work on the last day.   In Example. Client wishes to use the firm's personnel and books a flight for the 1st of January, xxxx, the work for the client will begin on the 2nd day of January and continue until the 8th of January with the firm's personnel working on the 8th of January. The flight must be confirmed for return on the 9th of January. This gives the client a full-7 (seven) days of work.

6. For out of the area work, at no time will the personnel be required to work past the following time. 9am to 7pm. This gives the Client a full 8 hours of work from the Firm's personnel. If additional time is required, the Client must pay the rate of $70.00 per hour for each hour worked beyond this time limit. Even so, the firm's personnel are not authorized to work longer than 1 (one) additional hours or not later than 8pm. 

If this time is required for the additional hour, the firm will bill the client in an additional invoice for the time that was spent billed to the nearest hour. In other words, if the firm's personnel only works for 15 minutes of the hour, the firm will still bill the client for 1 hour.

7. During work hours the firm's personnel will be allowed a 1 hour lunch, and a 15 minute break every 2 hours. This gives the Client a full 8 hours of work. 9 am to 7pm is equal to 10 hours,  less 1 hour lunch, less 4-15 minute breaks. There will be no break during any additional overtime hour that may be worked as shown under Item 6.  The firm's working personnel may coordinate the time for the breaks and lunch hour with the client. 

If there is reason not to take a break at a time that the Firm's personnel are scheduled for break, and the break is not had during that time, the break will be taken at the next available time.  If the work still does not allow for a break the client will be billed for that break time for an hours work x 2 or $70.00 for each break that is missed not due to neglect on part of the personnel. 

The breaks are not option for the firm's personnel and required by law for the firm to apply such standards. The firm expects complete cooperation with the client for these matters. 

8. If there are any changes for any reasons on part of any party, the party will pay all the necessary change fees for flights and otherwise. This does not relieve the Client of their responsibility of making payment for the areas outlined under this out of the area work policy. If a change must be made from the original date to be at the client's location to work, it must be done as soon as possible after that time; scheduled with the Client and firm. If the time will be extended beyond a date that the original flight time runs out, the Firm must pay for the personnel's Flight in such case to return back to the Client's location.

9. Unless unforseen and emergency circumstances exist, such as for legal matters, and otherwise, each party must be given at least 48 hours advanced written notice if there will be any changes the scheduled work time and date. Such circumstances that will apply include audits, court appearances, health emergencies, sicknesses, disasters, acts of god, etc.

In such case where there is a question from a client as to missing the date of work at the last minute for example, the client may ask and be provided with necessary documentation to provide them with information to show the justification of the matter; including any statements from others that may lead to the justification.

10. At no time will flights or other billings pre-paid, as noted within the above sections, be refundable by the firm to the Client.

11. All tax work at a client's location will be completed at the same rate as noted above while at the Client's location. If work, tax work and otherwise, is required to be taken back to the firm's office, the firm's normal billing rates will apply as noted within this Billing Policy.

12. If there is any dispute for any billing and otherwise, that the Client feels is not justified, or that they did not feel the Firm's personnel did not show up or stay during the working hours noted within this policy, the Client must pose the problem to the firm's personnel first in writing and then try to resolve it with the personnel. After this is done, the Client must send a written notice outlining the issues to the firms email at [email protected].

13. At no time is the firm's personnel allowed to make agreements other than those outlined within this policy. In Example, they cannot agree to take less money or work for more time and otherwise. The firm must approve any and all matters, in writing. The Client is not allowed to bring such matters to the attention of the firm's personnel and must deal with the Firm directly as outlined above under Item
14. When working for the Client, the Client must sign the Worker's Time Sheet on a daily basis or as soon as it is practical to do so. At the beginning of each day, at 9am, or as soon as possible thereafter, the Personnel will present a detailed outline of what was done for the day, the time they arrived, the time they left and otherwise. On the last day the personnel must do it before they leave for the day. Again, all other sections of this Policy will apply. If the client or their authorized personnel is available and the time sheet cannot be signed or otherwise for whatever reason, the employee must make every attempt to get it done before they leave on the return flight.

15. The Personnel will provide the firm with the time sheets and the firm will review them for issues where the firm must reimburse the client for any time and otherwise. Each hour to the nearest hour will be billed at $25.00 for any deductions for any issues. Each break not taken will be billed separately to the client at the rate of $70.00. Each overtime hour or part thereof, will be billed or deducted at the rate of $70.00.

16. All matters for the client are the client's responsibility including copies and equipment and otherwise. The firms personnel will provide their own laptop or computer for working. The client must provide use of a printer or otherwise that may be needed for the work that is to be done. All disks and otherwise programs used for the clients behalf unless the Firm has a copy of them, will be the responsibility of the Client. All matters relating to all client work is the responsibility of the client.

17. Time for the purpose of this section will include any and all work done for the client for a given day. This includes accompanying them to places and otherwise. If the personnel is required to accompany a client for a certain matter this time will be part of the time worked for that day. Only when the personnel is on their 1 hour lunch break or 15 minute breaks, will it not be counted against the client. Again, any overtime hour or part of an hour will be billed to the client at the rate of $70.00 per hour. Only 8 hours are authorized for the entire work day unless the 1 hour overtime is needed.

18. If the personnel is scheduled to work the day and the client cannot do that the firms personnel will be on call at the clients request for that day as outlined within the above sections during the time they are allowed to work. Computer malfunctions and otherwise, unable to get paperwork, schedule meetings, and otherwise, not something done by the firm or its personnel, unless it is an emergency such as death in the clients immediate family, including grandparents and uncles, nieces, nephews and otherwise, will not be the fault of the Firm. 

The Firm may ask for documentation if they have reason to believe it is something that is not valid. The Client must comply with any reasonable request that shows beyond a doubt of a reasonably minded person that the problem was not the immediate fault of the client and was truly such an emergency noted above. No other matters of emergencies and otherwise will apply unless the firm agrees to do so in writing to the Client.

19. If any reimbursements are to be taken into account for any matters noted herein with the above sections, or any time deducted and otherwise, they will be applied toward any future out of the area work by the firms personnel and not to any work at the firms location unless first approved in writing to the client by the firm. The client must request this in writing to the firms email at [email protected]. The firm will deal with such request on a case-by-case basis based on all available information received in the process. If more information is requested, both the Firm and the Client must comply with any reasonable request.

20. Any disputes related to this out of work section must be arbitrated by an Arbitrator within the City of Boise, Idaho County of Ada State of Idaho. The damages for such arbitration is limited to actual out of pocket costs, plus $100.00 for bringing the arbitration suit.

21. As with other sections of this Billing Policy, this out of area work policy is severable and subject to the laws of the State of Idaho.

Use of Local Professionals

Sometimes, it is necessary, or desirable, for the Firm to engage local professionals, such as, other accountants, notary services, advocates, attorneys, barristers, and the like, to handle various aspects of the client's proposed local activities.  This frequently occurs in international transactions or in transactions that involve multiple jurisdictions, even within the same country.

The Firm will work with the client to coordinate the activities of these local professionals and keep the client appropriately informed of their activities and the results achieved as well as all charges for the associated utilization of them.

Unless otherwise agreed, these local professionals will look to the client for payment and bill the Company directly for any services rendered. Because of its contacts, the Firm is usually always able to recommend highly competent local professionals with whom the Firm already has an existing relationship to best serve the clients interests.

Refunds and Otherwise

Once work has begun on any job, there will be no refunds of a flat based retainer.

If work has begun for a job and the job has not yet been completed, other than on a flat fee based retainer, the refund will be based on an amount after the deductions for time and incidentals have been deducted from said amount.

For the purpose of this Billing Policy a retainer is determined to be in the form of a contract or a payment in advance for completion of any work for a clients behalf which may include preparing income taxes, forms, letters, payroll based services, and otherwise.

It is very important; if you wish to cancel a job or work, and want to avoid any other charges for that matter, make sure you inform us at the earliest possible time as in most cases generally work will have been commenced on that job.

If there is a problem with any work that is or was completed, regardless of the work that is being done or has been done, as there are no refunds, the firm has the exclusive right to fix the problems or send it to someone who can. If the firm cannot fix the problem, the firm will inform the client and retain someone competent to complete the work for the client at the expense of the firm.

There are no exceptions to these policies. You are urged to Contact the Firm if you have any questions.

Policy Effect and Date

This Policy has been accepted and approved by the Corporation and is effective as of January 1, 2007.  This policy may be updated as approved by the Corporation. 

Severability and Force Majeure

This entire policy and all its sections of this Policy are Severable. If a court of competent jurisdiction finds that any part of this Policy violates any laws, BC Business Services, Inc. maintains the right to change that section to bring it into agreement with said law or to take that section out. Should any section be changed or taken out, the rest of the policy will still remain in full force and affect as though that section had not existed to begin with or the changes had existed therein. For these reasons, this Policy and all its sections are considered Severable.

Force Majeure

This policy is subject to Force Majeure.

Subject Law and Jurisdiction

This Policy and its sections are subject to the Laws of the State of Idaho and all disputes relating to such Policy and its sections are to be handled within the City of Boise, State of Idaho, County of Ada.

Policy Subject To Arbitration

This Policy and its sections are subject to the Rules of the American Arbitration Association (hereinafter AAA) and all disputes arising out of this Policy or Section are to be handled by Alternative Dispute Resolution (hereinafter ADR) within the Jurisdiction outlined within this Policy.

In performing ADR in relation to this Policy, or its sections contained, the Client or the party bringing the Action will carry all costs for such Actions unless the Arbitration Counsel finds otherwise.

Before bringing any action within according to the rules of the AAA, the party must first bring the matter to the attention of the other party and the other party will be given a chance to correct the error or problem and make a response for record.

Each party will have 30 days (thirty days) to make any response that it sees fit to the other party. If the matter is not resolved after both parties have been given sufficient time to respond as outlined herewith above, then the party may pursue the action with an Arbitrator as outlined within the Jurisdiction herein indicated above.

In order to ensure that a matter and issue is fresh, a party may bring forth ADR any section of this Policy accordingly as outlined herewith, but must do so within 3-Months (Three Months (Ninety Days)) after supposed incident took place which concerns any section or provision of this Policy.

Failure to do so will make null and void any other action from being pursued by such party.

Policy Changes and Revisions

BC Business Services, Inc. reserves the right to make revisions to this policy or any sections at any time without notice.

Should the changes affect a clients billing procedure, or service rates change, or otherwise have an effect on their payment structure or billing, the client will be notified about the date the change will take affect, before those changes become effective. If the client does not wish to continue service then it must inform the company at that time or before the changes take affect. If any billing are due the client must make good on them before termination of final services is had. This does not mean that we will continue to bill you if you have related that you don't want us to work with you any longer, it merely means that if you decide to do that, we expect you to make good on any payments that you may currently at such time or thereafter owe to our firm. 

In such case you can still be billed for late payments for not paying you bill on time and merely not wanting to work with the firm anymore will not of course relieve you of your obligation to abide by any such policy that this may pertain to when it comes to owing the firm money.

Email, letter, fax, or phone call, will serve as notification to a client for any and all such changes heretofore outlined.

Approved by BC Business Services, Inc.
Original:  May 1, 2007 – Last Revision June 5, 2010, Effective Immediately
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