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BC Business Services, Inc.

Idaho Registered Agent

By accepting BC Business Services, Inc. (The Company) as the Client's Registered Agent; The Company and the entity (The Client) agree to the following.

  1. In making payment and applying for Idaho Registered Agent services, with the Company, BC Business Services, Inc., the Client agrees to retain BC Business Services, Inc., an Idaho Corporation to act as their duly appointed Registered Agent for the State of Idaho.

  2. In accepting such appointment, the Company agrees for the stated fee, to fulfill all duties as provided under the law and/or as governed by the laws of the State of Idaho to the best interest of the Client.

  3. The Company agrees to accept legal service of process on the Clients behalf and contact the Client in a timely manner after having done so.

  4. The Company agrees to accept all state and government filings for the Client and forward them or deal with them at the Client's request. There will not be an additional charge for fax, or emailing. This may include forwarding them to the Client by mail, fax, email, or otherwise; depending on the importance of the documentation.

    Mail Forwarding and Use of Our Address

  5. If the Client wishes to use the Company's address as their business mailing address, with vendors and otherwise, which would require mail forwarding services, there is an additional fee per year for this service. (a) the client may not use the address of the Company as it's mailing address unless such agreements have been entered into.

  6. Without a proper agreement in place, the Company will not forward other than Government or legal mail under such circumstances to the Client. Example, letter is received for a billing etc. we will return it to the sender.

  7. Unless we have given the client permission, do not use our address on any documents that are not for the Registered Agent Services. You may not list our address as your business address with vendors, suppliers, customers, or otherwise; unless you have the mail forwarding agreements in place first.

  8. After being notified of received mail which is related to Service of Process or otherwise; the Client will have the option to either have such mail forwarded to them or approve the destruction thereof.

  9. Client agrees that we may dispose of mail on their behalf at their request and may dispose of any mail after the Registered Agent contract expires.

  10. If a client wants mail forwarded to them, we will bill them for the cost of the postage plus $39.50 per hour for such services; with a 1 hour minimum to forward it to them. This billing representing out-of-pocket costs for us, unless we note otherwise must be paid prior to forwarding.

  11. The Client may pick up mail from our offices at no cost.

    Professional Representation for All Clients

  12. The Company agrees to carry out its duties professionally and responsibly and will always keep the best interest of the Client at hand.

    Filing Documents on Clients Behalf

  13. If the Company is required to file documents on behalf of the Client for court or other purposes, there will be additional charges for doing so. This may include travel or other such and necessary expenses at the rate of the expense plus 25%, plus an hourly charge of $75.00 per hour billed in 1/4 hour increments. There will be a minimum Charge of 1 Hour plus expenses.

    Use of Legal and Other Professionals

  14. In conducting its duties, The Company has access to and will seek the advice of legal counsel when necessary to ensure that service of process or other matters is professional and within the scope of the law. We may however, not provide legal advice to a client.

    Term of Duties

  15. Unless the Client has chosen other terms, the Company agrees to carry on its duties for no less than the time noted by agreement at the costs outlined. This period may be extended later.

    Termination of Duties

  16. The Company will duly inform the Client before it steps down as the Client's authorized Registered Agent or for other services that it is providing. In doing so, the Company agrees to do so within accordance to the laws of the State of Idaho or other prevailing law governing similar agreements. However, if the Contract Terms have expired and no payment has been made for any longer terms, Termination will be automatic and the Company will not be required to notify that it is terminating the services as prior contact would have served this purpose.

    Maintenance of an Office

  17. The Company at no cost to the Client, will maintain an accessible office. Currently the office is located at 1310 South Vista Avenue Suite 28 Boise Idaho USA 83705. This address should be the address listed for the Registered Agent with the State of Idaho or other agencies. Including Using our Address for your other Filings / Bar Filings, which required listing a Registered Agent. Once again, please do not use our address for other purposes as noted above. In cases where there is abuse of this matter, the Company may pursue legal action.

Registered Agent Name: BC Business Services, Inc.

Address of Registered Agent:
1310 S Vista Ave Ste 28
Boise Idaho USA 83705
Phone: +1 503-330-7544
Email: [email protected]

Payments of Services and Billing Due Dates

  1. All payments are due payable by credit card or otherwise noted to a client.

  2. All billings are due no later than 30 Days before your term expires. If payment is not received on time, termination as outlined above will be had. We try to send all bills for clients out to your last known email in most cases, at least 2 months in advance of termination date. Once you fail to either 1. pay for your term to be renewed; at the current rate or 2., notified us that you do not wish to continue the services; then you are responsible for removing us as your authorized representative with the Idaho Secretary of State, Idaho State Bar, or otherwise where we are listed as your agent.

  3. If you have canceled the service but have not taken us off the state or bar applications by no later than the termination date; then you will be billed at the yearly rate of service prorated for the months we are listed to the nearest month. Canceling the service is okay, but if we are still listed as your agent after that time, after your term expires, you are responsible for the payments. We may also file to cancel with the agencies as well.

  4. Without payment you cannot legally list us or have us listed on your bar applications or state forms. And then only for the company that you signed up with. You are responsible to make the changes with the State or Bar. If you say we don't want to use your service anymore, we realize that and agree, however, if after the term is expired and we are still listed at the authorized agent, you will be liable for payment up until and including the month we are not on there. No Exceptions.

  5. Failure to make service renewal payments by the due dates will automatically cancel any agreements that we have with you. Even so, you are still responsible as noted to remove us as your authorized agent and may be billed if you do not. If we must bill you for the service in such cases, we will file to dissolve our involvement with the agency and bill you for the time we were listed as noted under item 3 above.

  6. We may enforce collections as we see fit if we must when it comes to collecting on bills and may use any and all available resources that we have available to do so. In doing so you will be responsible for any fees relating to that collection including any attorney or court fees that may be involved in collecting on a bill.

  7. If your billing deals with mail forwarding and you have failed to make the required payments for postage and otherwise expenses that we bill to you within 30 days including the date of the invoice, as we have noted above, the service will be terminated immediately, and all mail received will be sent back as undeliverable.

    A. You will still be responsible for the payment of the invoice in question and the payment of that service.

    B. We may cancel any agreements with you if you have outstanding bills more than 30 days past due which directly or indirectly impact the agreement.

    C. Failing to pay for a postage billing to forward Registered Agent mail to you affects a Registered Agent Agreement which may be canceled in the process.

    D. If the matter relates to canceling this service you will not receive any refunds for the service already paid for as you have failed to abide by the terms of this agreement.

    E. You will not receive a refund for any months left in the agreement that has been terminated for failure to make the required payment.

    F. All Postage and other incidentals fall under this category and they represent “money out of pocket” to our firm so please do not delay payments.

  8. In order to avoid cancellation or interruption of any services, make sure you make the payments for them on time.

    Changes in Address or Contact Information

    Both parties, agree to keep each other informed at all times of any change in address, telephone, and otherwise contact information, including email address and otherwise; as soon as practical after the change. In all cases, we will post changes to our company via our website.

    Agreement to Arbitration

    1. Both parties agree to settle all disputes through arbitration under the laws that govern such agreements and as noted by our firms general Billing Policies.

    2. In cases where a client has used our address with agencies not directly dealing with Registered Agent matters, as noted above under Maintenance of an Office, we may pursue such matters in a court and are not subject to abiding by Arbitration to settle a legal matter.

    3. In cases where a client has used us as their Registered Agent on any company without first having paid for the service, we may also proceed with legal remedy as noted under Item 2.

    4. Outright violations of the law are not within the bounds of Arbitrated matters and the parties may proceed as counsel recommends.

Subject Law

This Agreement will be subject to the laws for the State of Idaho and all disputes or Arbitration will be handled within the County of Ada, City of Boise, State of Idaho.

Using Registered Agent Is Allowed Once Payment or Agreement is Accepted

Once Client has agreed to accept this Agreement, or the Client has made payment for the services which it pertains to,or has agreed to make payment, the Client may begin using the Company as the Registered Agent for all Government or other required filings.

Miscellaneous Provisions

  1. Returned payments are subject to $50.00 per incident to cover processing and time.

  2. Unless otherwise noted, all accounts past due more than 30-days may be subject to collection and agreements may be canceled as a result thereof.

  3. All accounts past due more than 30 days; will be subject to a monthly re-billing charge of $50.00 to cover time. This is not considered a finance charge but a charge to account for the Company's time in having to deal with collecting a billing.

  4. Once paid, all fees are non-refundable.

  5. Failure to file any documents, to which the Company must undertake, will be charged at the current rate for doing so, which currently stands at $75.00 per hour billed in 1/4 hour increments which may also include necessary travel time within accordance to our Billing Policy. There will be a minimum Charge of 1 Hour Billed plus costs and expenses +25% for matters that require it.
    6. Clients are responsible for all filing and government related fees and costs.

Issues with the Secretary of State or other Agency / Business

  1. If mail is received from the Secretary of State or other Agency / Business (Such as with the Annual Report) and the Client's address is not the current one on file with the State, we will attempt to contact the Client using all available means.

  2. If company is not able to contact the client within a reasonable amount of time, and before due date for the Annual Report or otherwise, we will consider the Registered Agent Agreements canceled and forward the mail back to the Secretary of State, indicating that we do not have a current address on file and have not been able to contact the Client nor are its current registered agent.

  3. In such case, the Annual Report will not be filed with the Secretary of State and they will seek to administratively dissolve the account with the State. It is important that the Client keeps the Company informed at all times of any changes to contact information to avoid any and all such issue(s).

  4. In cases of Administrative Dissolution Reinstatement is not be available in cases of foreign entities (entities not originally formed within the state of Idaho). In such cases, An entity would have to refile a new Foreign Business Registration; as the filing could not be renewed.

    This has happened in the past and a company of long-term standing with the State 25+ years, had to refile a new company and lose the previous history as a result.

    Changing of Business Mailing with the State

  5. If the Client's business mailing address needs to be changed, an authorized, officer or other Representative of the Client must make the change as the Company is not authorized to make such changes to business mailing address or otherwise unless the business mailing address may be in Care of BC Business Services, Inc. at its current address and location. Even so, the Client will need to sign its authorization to change the address unless BC Business Services Inc. or it's representatives are listed as Managers or Directors with the State.

Subject Terms of Agreement

  1. Unless this agreement notes otherwise, all matters and billings will be subjected to those terms outlined in the Company's Billing Policy. If this agreement, or it's sections state something different than the Billing Policy Terms, then the wording in this agreement will take precedence and be relied on to settle disagreements where it comes to Idaho Registered Agent matters.


  2. This Agreement is severable in all its parts.

  3. If a part is deemed to be in err of governing law, the company will have the ability to amend the Agreement to the point that it complies with that law; or to remove it entirely.

  4. Should any section of this Agreement be deemed invalid, by a court of competent jurisdiction, to which this agreement relates, the remaining sections of the Agreement will still be in binding force as if the invalid portion, changed portion, or removed portion, had never existed to begin with.

  5. For the reasons noted above, this agreement is fully severable.

Damages Limited

  1. Client agrees that damages are subject only to the amount(s) that the Client has paid for Registered Agent Services agreement at the time of any dispute; prorated to the day of dispute settlement by arbitrated matter.

    Hold Harmless

  2. Client agrees to hold the Company harmless for any acts or omissions not purposely entered into or caused by the Company, including errors or omissions, Acts of God and Nature and otherwise forces beyond it's control by outside parties or forces.

Arbitration and other Provisions

  1. Unless portions of this Agreement States otherwise, the Companies Arbitration Provisions in the Firms Billing Policies, shall apply in cases where there are no other ways to settle disputes under this agreement.

  2. The parties agree that in all cases of disagreement, that they take it upon themselves to try to resolve it equitably and professionally before resulting to arbitrated or other legal means. This includes contacting the offending party and speaking about possible solutions first.

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